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The Pushkar/Camel Fair

Pushkar is a tiny rustic pilgrimage town situated in Aravali Hills around a lake in Rajasthan. It is 14 miles from Ajmer. Geographically it is 145 km beyond Jaipur, 289km apart from Udaipur, 214 km from Jodhpur and 403 km from Delhi. The natural beauty of lake and flowers along with water bodies makes it an important destination more so because of its religious sanctity. The Lake is a whip out design created many centuries ago by Lord Brahma. The land is surrounded by 52 ghats and about 500 temples. Annually a cattle fair is organized here in the month of October-November, one of its biggest kind globally. The festivity at this fair is a crowd puller nationally and internationally. Apart from livestock like cattle and camels selling and buying there are attractions like matka phod meaning break the clay pot competition, owner of longest moustache, bridal competition, exhibition cricket match between local team and the tourists present and camel race. The environment is pious as well as fun filled.

There is no direct connectivity to Pushkar. Air connectivity is from the closest Airport situated at Jaipur. Jaipur is well connected to other parts of the India. The closest rail connection till Ajmer, Ajmer has connectivity with major destinations. Road link till Pushkar is a busy road of taxis, buses jeeps and private cars. Pushkar is equipped with twin bus stands namely the northern Marwar bus stand and the eastern Ajmer bus stand. All buses connect to bigger towns at regular intervals. The rates are affordable and economical.

Reservation of seat is possible in buses plying to Pushkar. However the seat is given out on first come first serve basis. The frequency of buses is comfortable and more buses are added during peak season. The road moves through the winding heights of the Aravalies. The panoramic view from the height as the bus slowly moves is delightful. If you happen to travel by personal car or taxi the journey is a source of great pleasure and you can stop at will to enjoy the surroundings. During flowering season there ample blooming flowers on either side of the road and the air is filled with refreshing smell. On the road pedestrians tongas, taxis and other vehicles are a common sight. Walking is a pleasure filled activity akin trekking. Both sides of the road are lined with shady trees. Many travelers are seen resting here.

Elephant Festival

Jaipur capital of state of Rajasthan in north India is known not only for its colorful attire but also for festivity. The celebrations have a touch of royalty in them. Elephants are synonymous with royal appearance and with the fading of kings this symbol has become an integral part of festivity in the land of Rajasthani culture. Elephant festival is an annual event here held in the month of March on the day of Holi the festival of colors. According to Indian calendar it is the month of Phalgun. The venue of the event is the Chagan Stadium of Jaipur.

The festival inception is a long procession of decorated elephants, camels, horses, chariots, cannons, palanquins, musicians and local folk dancers. The animals are decked in eye catching hues with a spread of equally attractive saddle cloth. Jewelery pieces adorn the animals making them look very attractive. Anklets make rhythmic sound as the animal moves. The best decorated elephant gets a prize on the concluding of the function. There are various other competitions where elephants take part in the races, polo matches, tug of war etc. All the events thrill the crowd seeing the depiction of yesteryears scene. The classy dress code of elephants is mesmerizing. Most of the elephant participants are female. They are decked with flowers as well. People sitting on top of the elephant smear holi colors of the animals and the crowd in general. There is pomp and gaiety in the crowd assembled for the occasion. The event has international fame and many foreigners specifically visit Jaipur on this day to witness the event. Elephant fights are a very popular event among all other functions. Prior to concluding of the function elephants offer garlands near the Dias to people. The last event of the day is the grand firework show. There are shops on the premises selling elephant decoration, make-up items, carriages food and medicines.

Important Dates:







Camel Festival


08-09 January

26-27 January

15-16 January

4-5 January

Elephant Festival


07 March

26 March

16 March

05 March

Pushkar Fair


20-28 November

09-17 November

01-08 November

18-25 November

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